Why Choose Auction

  1. Creates win-win proposition for everyone involved.
  2. Enables the seller to know exactly when the property will sell and close.
  3. Eliminates long-term listing and all those unexpected showings.
  4. Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility.
  5. Creates competition among buyers – an auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.
  6. Requires potential buyers to be pre-qualified for financing.
  7. Considered cash and not contingent on any type of financing.
  8. Creates a quick disposal of the property, reducing long-term carrying cost: including taxes, insurance and maintenance.
  9. Enables sellers to sell their Personal Property at the same time they sell the real estate.
  10. The auction process is fast and final!

Auction Advertising

  • Website (
  • MLS (Date, Time & Location)
  • Internet Bidding
  • Auction Zip
  • Brochure Set-up, Printing & Mailing
  • Local Newspaper Advertising
  • Area Newspaper Advertising
  • Target Advertising
  • Open Houses
  • Private Showings
  • Encourage Realtor Participation
  • Fly Overs with Drones for Photos
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Property Signage
    • 4' x 4' Two Sides – Sale Date/Time
    • Open House – Dates/Times
    • Directional Signs placed at busy intersections
    • Property Banners
  • Local radio stations 105.9 The Bash & 95.9 KISS FM
  • Facebook
  • Live online proxy bidding to 150,000+ customers
Why Choose Auction

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